Why Direct Sales? Part 2 :)

When making decisions, some of us are very organized. We take notes. Write pros and cons, and finally make our decisions.

Most of us, however, make decisions based upon our emotions and tend to justify the decision by logic. Which is basically where I started in direct sales. 

I have a burning need, to provide a comfortable retirement for my wife and I while at the same time providing for my children’s college educations. 

Like most parents, I want to give my children the best education I can afford.  This has led me to always being a student of those that can afford those things for themselves and their families. 

What are they doing differently? My findings have pretty consistently shown that these folks own their own business.

No lottery, no jackpot. Plain old hard work where they had the control. In studying successful local business owners, I saw that their lives were dictated by the business, and many times they had difficulties being gone for very long, say for vacations. So there are some drawbacks.

I know this is generalizing, and not everyone fits into this mold. Today, more than ever, people are creating lifestyle businesses that allow freedom and control at the same time. The internet has changed our lives in so many ways.

Now, to get back to my decision for direct sales, I found something that 99% of us buy already, and at competitive pricing. A win-win. That coupled with my burning desires for my family is what prompted me to get started.

As we continue along our journeys in life, we are always evaluating and reevaluating decisions we have made. We also make decisions to continue along a certain path or take a different direction all together.

It is during this reevaluation period that I came across one of my mentors, Mike Dillard. I was introduced to him through a contact I had made on social media. I was trying to learn how to promote myself online. His book, Magnetic Sponsoring, was a short easy read.  The kind of stuff I like, lol. 

Digging a little deeper, I found his podcast The Self Made Man and I am an avid fan. Really great stories and life points are shared in a no bs way. Lets just say I have made some profound decisions based upon his material. I am excited to see this unfold.

He sent an email few days ago where he shared an article that featured him in Forbes magazine. It really drove home some key points of why I have chosen the company I am partnered with and why I continue to promote it.

Let me share a few quotes:

Dillard made his millions as a young twenty-something through a network marketing business, selling nutritional supplements to customers and building his own team of salespeople to further generate residual income. It was this experience that, according to Dillard, really taught him how to own and operate a successful business.

“The best thing about the network marketing industry is that it’s a crucible that will expose every single weakness you have as an entrepreneur,” said Dillard. “But it will also provide you with an opportunity for a really supportive environment where education and training and help is more readily available than any other industry out there.”

You can see the full article here. Thanks Matt Hunkler and Mike Dillard.

Just from a few sentences you can see Mike’s position on network marketing. It is for these very same reasons that I myself continue.

I can say from first hand experience that I have been challenged, and supported throughout my journey in direct sales. Not all companies are the same, and there is a culture that comes from the leadership.

In conclusion, a great network marketing company will foster a culture of leadership, teamwork, training, all those things a would be entrepreneur needs to get started. You will fall on your face, its nice to have someone help you back up.

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