Why blog or vlog?

I get it. There thousands upon thousands of bloggers, videos, vloggers out there. Why would anyone want to listen to you?

You are no expert right? You know there is more and better information out there, why add your voice to the internet din?

There are several reasons, but I want to focus on the main one. You need to have an online presence that helps people understand who you are. Not everyone else.

Your video log, website, or blog, is where you do this. This is where people get to know you in a very short period of time. Think hacking the relationship curve.

I know, the term hack is overused now. And anyone can put whatever they want online. Here is where you shine.

You stay true to who you are, not try to be someone else. I am no online guru, just an average guy trying to make a living in the online space. This is who I am.

Who are you? Are you a health nut? Do you love the outdoors? Create this, and you will shortcut your relationships to those who resonate with your vibrations and those who do not.

You cannot be everywhere, all the time, unless, you got it, you have an online presence. BOOM!!!! You are now everywhere, all-the-time.

Go. Do. It. You will be glad you did.

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Healthcare professional for 23 years, learning new skills and making myself more valuable to the marketplace. Looking for like-minded individuals with whom to partner.

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