Why blog or vlog?

I get it. There thousands upon thousands of bloggers, videos, vloggers out there. Why would anyone want to listen to you?

You are no expert right? You know there is more and better information out there, why add your voice to the internet din?

There are several reasons, but I want to focus on the main one. You need to have an online presence that helps people understand who you are. Not everyone else.

Your video log, website, or blog, is where you do this. This is where people get to know you in a very short period of time. Think hacking the relationship curve.

I know, the term hack is overused now. And anyone can put whatever they want online. Here is where you shine.

You stay true to who you are, not try to be someone else. I am no online guru, just an average guy trying to make a living in the online space. This is who I am.

Who are you? Are you a health nut? Do you love the outdoors? Create this, and you will shortcut your relationships to those who resonate with your vibrations and those who do not.

You cannot be everywhere, all the time, unless, you got it, you have an online presence. BOOM!!!! You are now everywhere, all-the-time.

Go. Do. It. You will be glad you did.

These are crazy times we live!!

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Spent the last twenty minutes on the phone with a recruiter. He was trying to see if I was open to travel and temporary assignments. I have been fortunate enough to be in a high demand industry and have recruiters hawking me all the time. Recently I decided to go ahead and speak with one, perhaps three months ago. At the time, I was thinking about where I would be in the next 6 months to 1 year. I have many options, and its just a matter of where I would like to go. Now I am not saying this to brag, because there are tons of folks out there that have the freedom to go where they want, when they want. My life is not like that at all.


Anyway, back to the story, you see, he got my information from another recruiter, the one I spoke with three months ago. Funny thing is, he didn’t know any of my back story. The one I told the previous recruiter. Now, my question is this, if you are a recruiter, wouldn’t you make it your business to know the person’s story? I mean, you can easily look someone up on linkedin or Facebook. If you call someone, take 5 minutes before the call to brush up on their profiles. Let’s just say he kinda rubbed me wrong. But hey, he is just doing his job right? So I can let it go, bigger fish to fry as we say.


During the conversation, I mentioned a recent article I read, In the article, we are introduced to artificial intelligence which can identify skin cancers as good as a dermatologist. I have also read of AI replacing radiologists. Very fascinating and intriguing. This brings me to other thoughts. Perhaps my job isn’t as secure as I once thought. Maybe I can be replaced by deep learning algorithms or artificial intelligence. He laughed, not thinking much of it.


Suppose Martin Ford is right, in his book, Rise of the Robots. Maybe we are looking at shrinking middle class due to displacement of capable workers. That may be partially to blame. I mean, we are already seeing check out workers being replaced by kiosks. Even fast food order takers.


We need to always be reevaluating, rethinking, and preparing ourselves for life’s unexpected happenings. Because, guess what, they are not that unexpected. We know that jobs will be lost, health will deteriorate, shit happens. We can do something about it. We can plan for the unexpected. Roll with the punches, make hay while the sun shines.


I say have a plan B. You never know when it will become your plan A. Do you have a plan B? Post a comment, let’s hear about it.

Message in a Bottle

Do you ever feel like you are stranded on island in the middle of the ocean? I must say that I do some days.  I don’t know how or why, but for some reason, I can feel very alone. That nobody understands me.

It’s pretty crazy I know. I mean, I have a loving family, a good job, and good health.  I can do pretty much whatever I want. It’s funny, though, I find that I am doing things that I really do not want to do. There is a major problem here.

Do you feel that way? Are you struggling with working in a job that does not fulfill you? Maybe it did, but somehow you have changed. How bout when you try to make a change, things just seem not happen? Like you are on a one way trip to NOWHERE.

All I can say is that I feel you. That is exactly where I am. I mean, I feel like I can see a way out but nothing is happening. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs by the Police:

Just a cast away an island lost at sea-o

Another lonely day, no one here but me-o

More loneliness than any man could bear

Rescue me before I fall into despair-o

I hope that someone gets my

message in a bottle yeah

Message in a bottle yeah

A year has passed since I wrote my note

But I should have known this right from the start

Only hope can keep me together

Love can mend your life but love can break your heart

I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world

Walked out this morning I don’t believe what I saw

A hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore

Seems I’m not alone in being alone

A hundred billion castaways looking for a home

This really hits home. It reminds us to always be searching, no matter how we feel, because there is someone out there, who feels the same way, and is looking for someone they can connect with and relate. It is very important to remember that last part, a hundred billion castaways looking for a home. There is community even in feeling alone. Kinda amazing isn’t it?

So, if you are looking for a way to change your financial circumstances, and you just don’t know where to start. Reach out, I may have just the message for which you have been searching.

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Why Direct Sales? Part 2 :)

When making decisions, some of us are very organized. We take notes. Write pros and cons, and finally make our decisions.

Most of us, however, make decisions based upon our emotions and tend to justify the decision by logic. Which is basically where I started in direct sales. 

I have a burning need, to provide a comfortable retirement for my wife and I while at the same time providing for my children’s college educations. 

Like most parents, I want to give my children the best education I can afford.  This has led me to always being a student of those that can afford those things for themselves and their families. 

What are they doing differently? My findings have pretty consistently shown that these folks own their own business.

No lottery, no jackpot. Plain old hard work where they had the control. In studying successful local business owners, I saw that their lives were dictated by the business, and many times they had difficulties being gone for very long, say for vacations. So there are some drawbacks.

I know this is generalizing, and not everyone fits into this mold. Today, more than ever, people are creating lifestyle businesses that allow freedom and control at the same time. The internet has changed our lives in so many ways.

Now, to get back to my decision for direct sales, I found something that 99% of us buy already, and at competitive pricing. A win-win. That coupled with my burning desires for my family is what prompted me to get started.

As we continue along our journeys in life, we are always evaluating and reevaluating decisions we have made. We also make decisions to continue along a certain path or take a different direction all together.

It is during this reevaluation period that I came across one of my mentors, Mike Dillard. I was introduced to him through a contact I had made on social media. I was trying to learn how to promote myself online. His book, Magnetic Sponsoring, was a short easy read.  The kind of stuff I like, lol. 

Digging a little deeper, I found his podcast The Self Made Man and I am an avid fan. Really great stories and life points are shared in a no bs way. Lets just say I have made some profound decisions based upon his material. I am excited to see this unfold.

He sent an email few days ago where he shared an article that featured him in Forbes magazine. It really drove home some key points of why I have chosen the company I am partnered with and why I continue to promote it.

Let me share a few quotes:

Dillard made his millions as a young twenty-something through a network marketing business, selling nutritional supplements to customers and building his own team of salespeople to further generate residual income. It was this experience that, according to Dillard, really taught him how to own and operate a successful business.

“The best thing about the network marketing industry is that it’s a crucible that will expose every single weakness you have as an entrepreneur,” said Dillard. “But it will also provide you with an opportunity for a really supportive environment where education and training and help is more readily available than any other industry out there.”

You can see the full article here. Thanks Matt Hunkler and Mike Dillard.

Just from a few sentences you can see Mike’s position on network marketing. It is for these very same reasons that I myself continue.

I can say from first hand experience that I have been challenged, and supported throughout my journey in direct sales. Not all companies are the same, and there is a culture that comes from the leadership.

In conclusion, a great network marketing company will foster a culture of leadership, teamwork, training, all those things a would be entrepreneur needs to get started. You will fall on your face, its nice to have someone help you back up.

Why Direct Sales?

I wanted to share with you the reasons I started in direct sales. I have been in healthcare for the last 24 years and have enjoyed a great career. However, like most of us, I have no significant funding set aside for retirement, let alone college costs for my children. These are the primary reasons for starting in direct sales.


Let’s start by telling you about where I found myself 3 years ago. Maybe you can relate.


I was busy working my 7am-6 pm M-F as Nurse Practitioner in a busy general surgery office when a co-worker was complaining about her energy bill.

Her granddaughter was moving into a new apartment and needed electricity. She had signed with the company recommended by her apartment manager. Things seem to be going well when, boom. Her electricity is out.

After some investigation, she was on a pay-as-you-go plan. Little did she know, she had paid only for a few days (Hot Texas summer). Just so happened I was a happy customer and instinctively said ” You should use my company”.

The service I use was recommended by a friend of mine, and he was getting paid based upon my energy usage. Nothing changed for me, except the price. It was lower than what I had been paying!!


It was a no-brainer for me to make the recommendation. I was simply helping two friends at the same time. I called up my energy consultant, and said

“Hey buddy! I have you a customer!” It was at that moment he realized I was doing what he did, just not getting paid. He took the time to show me

how I could get paid making referrals, and with some soul searching (My wife had tried direct sales before, and we were still licking our wounds–more on this

later); I joined him in business. Maybe you can see how this model makes sense, recommending a service we all use, at competitive price points, and

helping out everyday people like you and me. If so, send a message, I would love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned, you will read the why, the how,

and the what I have learned about myself and direct sales.

What makes a great network marketing opportunity?

Great Network  marketing opportunities don’t come around all that often.

One of the main reasons I say this is because most of the time you are trying to get someone to

purchase something at high prices than what they can get elsewhere. I mean, you can buy vitamins and

supplements almost anywhere, and much cheaper prices usually.


Proponents will argue that you will not get the same quality, and in some cases, they would be right.

What I have found however, is that most vitamins and supplements are no better than what you can

find at your local vitamin shoppe or GNC.


The biggest pro  is that you are buying from an individual, who gets the benefit of the markup, rather

than a national chain.  So if you can buy the product you want from an individual, I always advise that route, simply because you help them achieve their dreams.


My point is this, if you are going to sell something by direct sales, wouldn’t you prefer to be

competitive to the national retailers? The obvious answer is yes.


Now the second thing that makes a great network marketing opportunity is: Does the potential client

already use what is being sold? Again, the answer should be a resounding yes.


This takes the hassle out of trying to “sell” something. You are not actually selling anything. Your client

is already buying, you just have to show why buying from you is more beneficial.


Next comes leadership. Great network marketing companies have great leadership. They have people

in place who have succeeded and are interested in passing on the information.


They have regular conventions and promote learning.  That way, a newbie can come in and be



Is there an easy to learn system in place? If there is a simple system, chances are higher that you too

can be successful.


How do you get paid? If you get paid immediately upon signing new consultants or recruits, beware!

This may be nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme. The best companies pay based on customer

gathering, not consultants.


Whats the difference? A customer just purchases the product, a  consultant will do both typically,

purchase and sell.


In addition, how much it costs to get started and how much are the ongoing charges if any? Many

companies charge a monthly fee for use of materials.


If this is very much, it can be cost prohibitive. Anything less than $50 should do.


Startup fees need to be kept to a minimum. Anything below $250 is reasonable. Also note if its a one

time or annually recurring fee. It goes without saying the best opportunities do not have a annually

recurring fee.


Finally, what is the market size. What is the market share and what is reasonable to expect. This can

give you insight to upside potential.


These are the main points that make a great network marketing opportunity. I hope this helps you on

your journey.